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TO OUR LOCAL CUSTOMERS: Why buy a firearm from us online?

There are lots of places to buy a gun online, so..why buy your firearm from us online? When you purchase a firearm online from our store, it will be shipped to our store for you to pick up . As firearms are a regulated item, there is a process to purchase one. Forms to fill out, and backgrround checks to be done. This is a standard across the board wherever you purchase a firearm from. What many people forget or don't realize is, when you buy a firearm online, there will be what's called a transfer fee. That is a fee that the store, where you pick your firearm up from, is going to charge you for doing the final portion of your purchase (ie.. 4473 form & background check). Having an online store allows the Lizton Trading Post to have...  Read More

Thanks for checking out the new website

Thanks for checking out the new website!  Read More